Key Areas of Competence and Consultancy
CETRAD conducts client-oriented research and consultancy services, including the sale of GIS products to client institutions and individuals from different professional fields of practice around the country. Areas of competence and Consultancy include:


  • Land Use, Planning and Land Cover Assessment

  • Land Tenure and Resource Management

  • Gender and Resource Use and Management

  • Resource Mapping, Monitoring, and Assessment through Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Natural Resources Management.

  • Transboundary River Basin Management.

  • Integrated River Basin Management.

  • Integrated Water Resources Management

  • Highland-Lowland Interaction Systems.

  • Community Management of Protected Areas Conservation Approaches.

  • Rangelands Rehabilitation and Management.

  • Resource use conflicts and resolutions (Multi-Stakeholder, Multi-Level Approaches).

  • Human-wildlife conflict management.

  • Household and Actor Strategies and their Link to Resource Use.

  • Integrated Approaches and Methods for Rural Development Appraissal (Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Sustainable Development Appraisal (SDA), and Geographical Information System (GIS) among others).

  • Rural Development Dynamics: Rural Centres and Agricultural Development.

  • Small Scale Enterprises and Infrastructure Development.

  • Drought Management.

  • Food Security and Alternative Livelihoods.

  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • Participatory (Multi-Stakeholder and Multi-Level) Policy Analysis and Intervention.

  • Institutional Arrangements for Resource Use and Management.

  • Spatial Hydrology.

  • Now casting of rainfall from the space (15 minutes).

  • Application of Remote sensing for areal estimation of bio-physical parameters (Rainfall, vegetation potential index, surface temperatures, surface radiation budget, Evapotranspiration etc).