Information Dissemination and Technology Transfer

The outreach mission of CETRAD is fulfilled through information dissemination and technology transfer. This therefore forms one of the most important functions of CETRAD because it provides the mechanism to integrate research into decision-making and policy formulation processes, thereby contributing to sustainable development in the ASALs. This involves sourcing information from research outputs of CETRAD as well as of collaborating institutions dealing with areas relevant to our mandate.

This information, which in most cases is scientific is synthesised and repackaged into user friendly format with the resultant technologies and disseminated to different users at policy and implementing levels for application. The target beneficiary communities are reached through the existing government extension service unless when otherwise necessary, CETRAD may make direct interaction. The main avenues of information dissemination and technology transfer include workshops, seminars, farmers' field days, designated events days, local/regional/national agricultural shows and trade exhibitions among others.

CETRAD also provides direct support for implementation of innovative ideas/technologies resulting from own research outputs or those from collaborating institutions.

Ongoing transfer activities include:

  1. Water Awareness Creation Campaign in the larger Mt. Kenya region.
  2. Small-holder Wheat Production in ASAL districts using selected test areas in Machakos and Makueni.
  3. Upscaling Conservation Agriculture in Mwingi and Makueni.
  4. Enhancing Extension Services through Local Radio Stations.
  5. Strategies to minimise human-elephants conflicts outside protected areas.
  6. Local level capacity building for commercial production and marketing of Gum arabic in Samburu and Isiolo.
  7. Transfer Workshops focusing on different thematic areas.